Cross Lease

Existing Cross Lease Plan Update

Many people who own a property under a cross lease arrangement do not realise when the footprint of the house is changed a new set of lease plans and agreement are required. This was necessary for our client in Auckland.

In this situation a new conservatory and shed had been added and needed to be registered on the lease. In order to have the cross lease changed a resource consent was required to be granted, then a new set of flat plans were created and a cadastral dataset. A cross lease is usually treated like a type of subdivision by councils.

After the plans were completed, Council approval of the plans for section 223 and 224c was required. We were then able to lodge the plans for survey approval sought and gained from Land Information New Zealand (LINZ)and then the cross lease agreement changed to reflect the new arrangement.

Whether you are creating or changing a cross lease, we are happy to talk to you and discuss the proposal with no obligations.